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The league of Veteran and Military Voters is supported by donations from veterans and concerned citizens. They depend on us to provide accurate information that will allow them to make educated decisions. We work full time to provide this information.

In addition, we allow companies, organizations and individuals to purchase advertising space on the League of Veteran and Military Voters website. We ask that you support them as they help us bring the political news to you. They support us because they know how important it is for veterans to be informed.

We also allow candidates to support us. Because we are a non-partisan news reporting service, we do not endorse any candidates. We do post candidate names to show their support for what we do. We encourage all of the candidates to help us bring accurate information to veterans. The link next to their names opens a new window that takes you to the candidates own website. That site is part of the candidates political campaign and in no way affiliated with The League of Veteran and Military Voters.

The following are our sponsors, please follow the links for more information.

The Veterans Museum in Texas

Al Hoang

John Elford

Michael Wolfe